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Corporation Tax

The Multinational Tax Challenge

The Double Irish disappears
into the Bermuda Triangle.
In the west.
While in the East

Manipulating tax liabilities
across national borders.
All in a days work.
We mustn't complain.
It's all perfectly legal.

The money mountains give the lie.
The creeping reach of multinationals
that depend on not showing a profit
to enable their further reach
across the globe.

Insults and demeans many.
But creates a few
above it all.

When people complain
Not really believing they should
bear the burden of taxation.

All this economic activity that purports
to leave no profit worth taxing.
But leave them richer and more
powerful than the countries they serve.

They cosy up to politicians
make special deals.
But don't accept responsibility.
Nor are they forced to accept some.

This is the nub.
We need politicians who
can stand up to them. Rather
than capitulate.

Find a way to make them pay a responsible amount
in all the countries they do business in!