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The Lady in Pink

Rock - Runner

The Lady in pink, vanishes
behind the door. Her policies
of yesteryear come home to roost.
The Northern Rock - Good old bank
runs of old. 'Not been seen
since 1857? A modern day
spectacle as an Economist might say.

Which world? Not mine or many others.
Although, it is, but theirs.
Trust? Not a chance! I'm tempted by
"Fuck off. You Bastards"
Run Run Run
But can You? Fat Cats!
£10 Million last year Chairman siphoned.
Oops, underline/cross out (earned).

Two years in the making.
Sell short. Make a fortune
Darling - Never- never Land.
Payout £60 million to shareholders.
Trust! No!
There is none. Not any more.
No more heroes. We've learnt that.
Showing my age.

But, not like the pensioners!
Potentially more catastrophic.
How bad? Really Good!