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Those files again

It’s incredible how some people manage to leave lots of files around for people to find that
will convict them of war crimes and how others seem to manage to hide them.

This morning’s Observer had front page coverage

Muammar Gaddafi war crimes files revealed
Rebels find documents implicating Libyan leader in war crimes, and hold them for International Criminal Court investigators

Chris Stephen - Observer 18th June 2011

Just to take one quote

The order, from Youssef Ahmed Basheer Abu Hajar, states bluntly: "It is absolutely forbidden for supply cars, fuel and other services to enter the city of Misrata from all gates and checkpoints."

Presumably it would not be reasonable to compare this type of activity to say
the sanctions imposed on Iraq in the years before the Iraq invasion


Israel’s embargo on Palestine


Exactly what did happen in Faluja?