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These are not normal circumstances?

The financial crisis has exposed the bankruptcy of New Labour economics
Larry Elliot in the Guardian

Will Hutton: A short history of capitalism’s rise and fall.

The Observer: The 2008 crash

Steve Bell -
Cameron: Judgement better than experience in a crisis.

Everything palls into insignificance. America shaken to its roots.

Bush makes personal plea to Congress to pass bail-out plan.

Graeme Wearden in the Guardian.

The time has come for a final report on the 43rd president of the US.

Timothy Garton Ash

Will they? Won't they?

It must be the most important unanswered question of the next few months.

Will Bush allow the Israeli’s to attack Iran?


Bush and Brown’s warning to Iran
16/06/2008 BBC

Israel shows abilities for Iran strike.

Selling the fireball
25/06/2008 Media Lens

Shadow of war looms as Israel flexes its muscle
29/06/2008 Guardian

Defiant Iran tests missiles to show strength in face of US warnings
10/07/2008 Guardian

Iran test-fires missiles for second day

They can’t make it any clearer. They actually do have missiles!

Will Israel and / or the US attack Iran
14/07/2008 Counterpunch

Attack on Iran on the way? Uh, Maybe Not.....

No U-turn. Obama’s stance on Iraq is chillingly consistent.
22/07/2008 Guardian

War with Iran?
25/07/2008 Counterpunch

Will the US get it’s way with Iran?
26/07/2008 Counterpunch

How Bush is wiping out McCain
26/07/2008 Counterpunch

We lie and bluster about our nukes - and then wag our fingers at Iran.
29/07/2008 Guardian

The lies of Hiroshima live on, props in the war crimes of the 20th Centtury
Guardian 06/08/2008

We’re told they asked but didn’t get permission?

Israel asked US for green light to bomb nuclear sites in Iran
Guardian 25/09/08


Events Leading up to the 2003 Invasion of Iraq

Iraq appeasers

President Bush announces Iraq War - 1991

Iraq Sanctions from Wikipedia

We think the price is worth it!

Iraq sanctions

Sanctions as genocide

The Politics of dead children.

A hard look at iraq sanctions

Bush on Iraq - 2000

O’Neill: Bush Planned Iraq invasion before 9/11

Invasion Plan delusional

President Bush announces invasion of Iraq - 2003

Bush declares victory in Iraq

2003 Invasion from Wikipedia

Illegal Invasion - So what?

US Invasion of Iraq: The Military side of globalisation.

Bush admits that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11

Bush admits CIA has secret prisons.

No regrets

After all that he has no regrets! In fact we ought to like him because he wasn’t that belligerent really?


They made him.
They used him.
They allowed him to hang himself.
They executed him.
They are trying to do it again.
Millions died and will die because of them.

Fortress America

All summed up by Seamus Milne in the Guardian.
‘Bush is trying to impose a classic colonial status on Iraq’

Forget me not

Forget - me - not
Beautiful blue just bursting.
Almost balmy.
A coal tit overhead.
Something I read this morning.
John Gray says it was about oil.
Alan Greenspan has already claimed.
Shaken the Whitehouse apparently?
Do you remember someone being howled out of the chamber?
For saying just this.
Vague memories of George Galloway.
Can't talk about this now.
Maybe a few years.
I wonder if India and China will do it to us?
As we did it to them?

Control and more control

Control and more control.
“The great mistake we educationists make is to suppose that schools are about education. It is not so…they are about control.”
So said RF Mackenzie, and they are words I have quoted before on this blog and many times in talks around the world. Anyone who harbours any doubts about the truth in his words should think about the events this week around the demise of Al Upton’s miniLegends blog and the resignation of Jabiz Raisdana, both of which I wrote about yesterday. It seems I’m ending the week on a series of negatives - that is a pity. From an education blog by
John Connell
An understanding of the world we live in.
Politics is control.
Not to be forgotten.
Needs to be taught.
Lessons from history.
Many and various.
Democracy only useful when you've got control.
Oaths of allegiance.
Stifle dissent.
More recently.
Acceptable now, just to borrow a book from a school library.
More recently
CCTV Cameras in schools.
DNA databases.
Primary children from 5.
ID Cards.
Public sector workers get them first.
19 pieces of information just to get on a plane.
Masquerading as keeping people safe.
Keeping Control.
Global Warming.
A war over oil.
The concern is the breakdown.
But they hope they've go it covered?
It's the real politic.
Will it work?
Democracy could be summed up as the freedom
to be controlled I guess.
But the ongoing battle is the freedom v the control.
While we have a voice.

One is reminded of this

It's the word that shouldn't be spoken these days.

Originally produced for the iWW in 1911 by Nedeljkovich, Brashich and Kuharich.

Finally Catching Up

Getting there sideways.
They will persist on calling it 
'the basics'.
Why this separation of learning?
'Learning for Life'
Implies continuum.
 sad really. 
 Damned at 11. Still!
Everyone's got to be ready for 11, even if they are not. 
Perhaps the 'rest of the curriculum' needs to be made accessible 
not vice versa. 
Every Child Counts.
Every  Teacher knows. 
But more intiatives.
Hmm. No Thanks.
The experts think
'Specialist Teachers'
Sorry they've got classes of 30 or more, can't make it. 
'High Stakes testing'
'narrowing of the curriculum'
We told you so, years ago.
No-one took any notice.