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Weak teachers the biggest problem in schools –
• 'Dull and uninspiring' lessons hold back pupils, report finds • Child protection services hindered by staff shortages

Jeevan Vasagar - Guardian 23/11/10

Bish, Bash, Bosh

Weak Teachers are the biggest problem.
Dear old ofsted blaming teachers again.
It must be wonderful to be so one dimensionally correct.
The certititude is mind numbing.
Such a complexity, reduced to a right singularity.

37%  Satisfactory
is 'merely' or worse
But it means
Fulfilling expectations or needs
acceptable, though not outstanding or perfect
Given that perfection isn't possible
Allow satisfactory a useful place
or change it.

We've been here before.
I won't mention the name.
But the figure of
comes to mind
back in 1999
(Read Francis Beckett if you need a reminder)

And there's this whole teaching as a craft thing, going on
trotting off to work
with our kit bags over our shoulder
Colonel Bogey
But we know where that led Colonel Nicholson

'Madness Madness'