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And this is allowed to continue.

Punishment Regime for the Palestinians

Israeli Government Documents Show Deliberate Policy To Keep Gazans At Near-starvation Levels

International Middle East Media Centre 06/11/2010

“The documents reveal that the state approved "a policy of deliberate reduction" for basic goods in the Gaza Strip (section h.4, page 5*). Thus, for example, Israel restricted the supply of fuel needed for the power plant, disrupting the supply of electricity and water. The state set a "lower warning line" (section g.2, page 5) to give advance warning of expected shortages in a particular item, but at the same time approved ignoring that warning, if the good in question was subject to a policy of "deliberate reduction". Moreover, the state set an "upper red line" above which even basic humanitarian items could be blocked, even if they were in demand (section g.1, page 5). The state claimed in a cover letter to Gisha that in practice, it had not authorized reduction of "basic goods" below the "lower warning line", but it did not define what these "basic goods" were.”

I presume this is pretty much much what we did to Iraq for 10 years prior to invasion so a tried and trusted method.
But fundamentally inhuman
and as Media Lens point out not something that the mainstream media wish to tell us much about.

"Put the Palestinians on a Diet"

Media Lens 17/11/2010

Merry Christmas


Weak teachers the biggest problem in schools –
• 'Dull and uninspiring' lessons hold back pupils, report finds • Child protection services hindered by staff shortages

Jeevan Vasagar - Guardian 23/11/10

Bish, Bash, Bosh

Weak Teachers are the biggest problem.
Dear old ofsted blaming teachers again.
It must be wonderful to be so one dimensionally correct.
The certititude is mind numbing.
Such a complexity, reduced to a right singularity.

37%  Satisfactory
is 'merely' or worse
But it means
Fulfilling expectations or needs
acceptable, though not outstanding or perfect
Given that perfection isn't possible
Allow satisfactory a useful place
or change it.

We've been here before.
I won't mention the name.
But the figure of
comes to mind
back in 1999
(Read Francis Beckett if you need a reminder)

And there's this whole teaching as a craft thing, going on
trotting off to work
with our kit bags over our shoulder
Colonel Bogey
But we know where that led Colonel Nicholson

'Madness Madness'


Salt, Sugar,SaturatedFat&Alcohol
Britain’s Health Policy

McDonalds, KFC,PepsiCO,Kellog’s,Unilever,Mars,Diageo

Are all set to tackle the nation’s health problems.

McDonald's and PepsiCo to help write UK health policy
Exclusive: Department of Health putting fast food companies at heart of policy on obesity, alcohol and diet-related disease

Felicity Lawrence - Guardian 12/11/2010

An 'average' spend

Dinner for two.
An ‘average’ spend!

Restaurant couple do cigarette break runner leaving £570 bill unpaid
Met police investigate mysterious 'Lupin' case at Michelin-starred L'Autre Pied in Marylebone

Esther Adley - Guardian 15/11/2010

"In two decades we have never had anything like this," Leonora Popaj, the restaurant's general manager, told the Guardian. The couple had not seemed unusual or suspicious, she said, and the bill was not particularly lavish by the restaurant's standards – the Bollinger is not, for instance, the most expensive champagne on the menu. "They looked like a very genuine, very lovely couple. Their bill was an average spend. Nothing was out of place or unusual."

Prime Ministerial Mantras

Prime Ministerial Mantras

The Lady’s not for turning.

Rather like the Titanic.

Education, Education, Education.

Teach to the test
Teach to the test
Teach to the test

No return to boom and bust.

What a joke!

We’re all in it together!

Some of us are more in it than others.
Some of us are more out of it than others.
Some of us are just not part of it.

Turning a blind eye.

"I left the army with a ticking bomb in my belly," she said. "I felt I saw the backyard of Israel. I saw something that people don't speak about. It's almost like I know a dirty secret of a nation and I need to speak out."

"There was a lot of tension, a lot of shootings and suicide bombings," she said. "Little by little you understand the rules of the game. You need to make it hard for the Arabs – that's the main rule – because they are the enemy."

Israel is discomfited by these testimonies, she said, partly because of the universality of military service. "We grew up believing the IDF is the most moral army in the world. Everyone knows people serving in the army. Now when I say we are doing immoral things, I am talking about your sister or your daughter. People do not want to hear."
Israeli army's female recruits denounce treatment of Palestinians
Facebook images of an Israeli servicewoman posing with blindfolded Palestinians have caused a storm. Now two former female conscripts have spoken out about their own experiences

Harriet Sherwood - The Observer 22/08/2010

Your Freedom??

Your Freedom???

Nick Clegg enlists public to help battle red tape and invasions of privacy
Deputy PM launches project to fight 'pointless regulation' and let government know whenever Britons feel their rights are violated

Reduced to a hot cones moment.

Collateral Murder

This is the video we weren’t supposed to see.


'As I watch the footage, anger calcifies in my heart'
A novelist and former prisoner of Saddam Hussein's regime gives her reaction to the Wikileaks Iraq video

Haifa Zangana - Guardian 10/04/2010

Engaging = Murder

A new use of the word.

Who watches WikiLeaks?
This week a classified video of a US air crew killing unarmed Iraqis was seen by millions on the internet. But for some, the whistleblowing website itself needs closer scrutiny

Chris McGreal - Guardian 09/04/2010

16Years - From Block of Wood to ipad

"At present it consists only of an A4 block of wood, with a 'front page' stuck on it: the technology for creating Fidler's 'Flat Pad' is, he estimates, still a couple of years off.

I was shown the media's future 16 years ago: now with the iPad, it's here
Roger Fidler, a new media pioneer, set out his vision for electronic journalism to Alan Rusbridger 16 years ago. Now the iPad is making that vision a reality

Alan Rusbridger - Guardian 11/04/2010