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War Crimes - Just too incovenient!

Just wondered how many references could be found to
the Israeli invasion of Gaza
in the light of

Israel fury at UK attempt to arrest Tzipi Livni
Israel has reacted angrily to the issuing by a British court of an arrest warrant
for the former Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni.

BBC News 15/12/2009

“The warrant marks the first time an Israeli minister or former minister has faced arrest in the UK and is evidence of a growing effort to pursue war crimes allegations under "universal jurisidiction". Israel rejects these efforts as politically motivated, saying it acted in self-defence against Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza.”
British court issued Gaza arrest warrant
for former Israeli minister Tzipi Livni

Warrant issued over war crimes accusations was withdrawn when
it emerged former minister had cancelled plan to visit

Ian Black and Ian Cobain - 14/12/09 Guardian

Guardian investigation uncovers evidence of alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza
Palestinians claim children were used as human shields and hospitals
targeted during 23-day conflict

24/03/2009 - Guardian

Richard Falk: Gaza attacks "would seem to constitute a war crime of the greatest magnitude under international law" - 20/03/2009

IDF Soldiers Claim to Have Killed Civilians During Gaza Offensive

Gaza massacres
(27 December 2008 - 18 January 2009)

More than 1,300 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were killed during 22 days of Israeli shelling from sea, air and land. Palestinians in Gaza had nowhere to flee from Israel's onslaught as the border has been closed for two years, with disastrous consequences for the 1.5 million in habitants of Gaza -- the majority of them children and refugees.

from the electronic intifada


Israeli forces killed hundreds of unarmed Palestinian civilians and destroyed thousands of homes in Gaza in attacks which breached the laws of war, Amnesty International concluded in a new report published on Thursday. Operation 'Cast Lead': 22 days of death and destruction, is the first comprehensive report to be published on the conflict, which took place earlier this year.

Amnesty International 02/07/2009