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The Hen Harrier

Between 1837 and 1840 on the Glengarry estate in Inverness-shire, gamekeepers’ tally books show them to have killed 63 hen harriers, 63 goshawks, 98 peregrines, 27 white-tailed sea eagles, 15 golden eagles, 18 ospreys, six gyrfalcons, 11 hobbies, 275 kites, 285 buzzards, 462 kestrels, 78 merlins and 35 horned owls, as well as 198 wildcats, 246 pine martens and hundreds of assorted other mustelids and corvids.

Hen Harrier Poems by Colin Simms

reviewed in the Guardian by
Robert Macfarlane 08/08/15

Yet the Grouse Shooting Lobby would like to see a return to this situation except many of those species didn’t survive into the twentieth century in the UK and have actually had to be reintroduced.
One particular lobbying organisation

You forgot the birds


has this on the front page of it’s website all backed up by Sir Ian Botham.

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