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Numbers & Words

Numbers & Words

First the words.
to inflame and incite
prejudice and deny.

“ a swarm of people.”

“marauding” migrants pose
a threat to our very existence.

Uttered by the great and good.

Prime Minister
Foreign Secretary

Great and Good?

But now the numbers that bear no relation to the words.
Where is the labour party stating the obvious?
Obviously quiet.
They just can’t be trusted on immigration.
Or is it they just can’t articulate a human response
that will resound on a deeper level with the British Public.
Is it just not possible?

185, 000 first time asylum seekers in the EU
in the first quarter of the 2015.
Half are Kosovars, Syrians and Afghans.
You can understand why.
Only 4% of those applied to the UK.

It’s not migrants who are the marauders and plunderers

Seumas Milne Guardian - 12/08/2015