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To be unBritish

It is unBritish to want a fairer voting system
So says the PM who has no parliamentary mandate.
Reminding us of the
‘miserable little compromise’
Nicholas Clegg
was forced to make
for a
‘miserable bit of power’

An old British Trick

"Suddenly you're not helping somebody into sustainable employment,
which is what you're employed to do,"
he said.
"You're looking for ways to trick your customers into 'not looking for work’.”
That should be unBritish
But no
I've seen dyslexic customers given written job searches,
and when they don't produce them –
what a surprise – they're sanctioned.

John Domokos - Guardian 01/04/11)

And to crown it all
Feminism is the
‘single biggest factor’
for the lack of social mobility.
So says David Willets
The Universities Minister

Helene Mulholland - Guardian 01/04/11)

They really want to turn the clock back these people.
So we can all doff and curtsy.

But perhaps its just April Fool